Review of Vegas Palms Casino

Review of Vegas Palms Casino

Vegas Palms is an online casino inspired by the euphoric rush associated with gambling while on vacation. Established in 2000, when the internet was still finding its feet, it has grown steadily in popularity by offering a safe and secure atmosphere for gimlet-eyed punters.

The casino is a subsidiary of the Fortune Lounge Group, a market leader in the sector with brands like as Platinum Play, WinTingo, and Red Flush Casino. As a result, players can look forward to fantastic slot games, intriguing bonuses, efficient customer service, and an appealing loyalty program. Additionally, gamers are welcome to participate in enjoyable weekly promotions, as well as tournaments and player activities.

The website, which is bright and colorful to accentuate the tropical feeling, is registered in Malta. Numerous big online casinos have Malta gaming licenses – the country started authorizing gambling companies at the turn of the century. As a result, gamers may expect a fair, dependable, and interesting service.

Welcom te acerca de la fiesta

From the minute you sign up, the croupiers at Vegas Palms throw a figurative garland around your neck. There are not one, but two different types of welcome bonuses accessible to new customers. The first qualifies you for a 400 percent match-up bonus up to 200 euros – provided you make an initial deposit of 50 euros. Not to mention that the deposit must be done using Neteller or Click2Play. Players may also make a deposit using a credit or debit card. If customers want to do so, the casino will reward them with a 200 percent match bonus on their first deposit. This is a reasonable inducement.

Due to the fact that the Palms site is part of the reputed Fortune Lounge Group, players may also join the exclusive Players Club. It may seem like the kind of swank organization to which James Bond would belong, but its value is determined by the advantages it provides to members. These benefits include access to special specials and the opportunity to earn loyalty points. These tokens may then be turned into highly sought-after comps and credits, thus increasing the player’s chip stack.

Of all, we join sites like Vegas Palms because we want superior service — not to be wooed by a welcome gift (although it sure does help). The casino offers a diverse selection of games, including traditional three-reel slots, Blackjack table games, and the perennially popular video poker.

Hours of Pleasure

The Vegas Palms’ gaming experience is really world-class. At the stroke of a mouse, you may access over 500 games. Additionally, the site’s many games are powered by Microgaming’s award-winning software. Whether you’re playing free slot games for fun or risking real money with a steely resolve, you’re certain to relish the five-star Microgaming experience.

There are several table and slot games to choose from, as well as innovative games such as Casino War. Additionally, there are many progressive jackpot slots available. Perhaps you’re experiencing Lady Luck’s powerful and beneficent presence and want to test the limits. Every one of us has been there.

Three different options exist for users to connect to the matrix. You may either download the program or play the Flash version – which needs no installation or download – or you can go old-school and insert the complimentary CD into your disk. While you may not use the CD, it serves as a convenient backup in the event of any connectivity problems.

The Vegas Palm website is attractive and simple to navigate. Additionally, a Live Chat feature enables customers to immediately contact customer care – the support crew is accessible 24 hours a day. This is particularly useful for new visitors who may be unfamiliar with the site’s geographical location.

Gambler in the United Kingdom? There is no room at the inn.

Regrettably, Vegas Palms does not accept United Kingdom players. You may flaunt your colossal cash all you want, but no amount of complaining will get you a place at the table. Given the size of the UK market and the prevalence of online casinos that welcome all and everybody, this fact is quite concerning – for both the proprietors of Vegas Palms and lowly gamers wanting a taste of the excitement.

If you own a British passport, you must forego the Vegas Palms online gateway in favor of one of the several alternatives. Alternatively, people with sufficient cash might book a transatlantic ticket and arrive to the real Palms Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Your green is always excellent in Sin City.

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